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Custom Garage Construction

At Garage King, we specialize in building custom garages. Each garage is custom tailored to the style and size that meets your needs and wants.


No matter how big or how small, Garage King will create a custom garage and one of our expert staff will help you decide on the exact size.


Garage King helps you select a style that will compliment your house.


  1. An experienced garage designer will come to your home, listen to your needs and ideas, perform a site inspection, and show you materials and colors to choose from. Once you make your garage color and material choices, we generate a quote.
  2. When you accept the quote, a contract is written with all of the construction details.
  3. Once you provide a Plat of Survey, Garage King applies for all of the necessary permits from your local municipality in the Chicago area.
  4. If an existing garage needs to be torn down, a teardown date is scheduled. On this date, weather permitting, we tear the old garage down, break up the concrete, and we remove all of the trash from your property.
  5. We then begin construction of your new custom garage. A foundation is framed in compliance with the code in the Chicago area municipality, and then poured. Our skilled carpenters frame the garage; install the windows, doors and trim. They then complete the exterior of your garage with weather resistant siding and roofing. Our electricians then give your new garage power.
  6. Cleanup is the last step of the project. Garage King will any debris on the site and make sure that it is properly discarded.

We are experts at making your new garage an asset to your home and the envy of your neighbors.
Your new custom garage will also pay for itself when you sell you home, adding thousands of dollars to the value.

Here's how our garages are constructed?
  1. Stone floor
  2. 4" concrete
  3. High and dry lip water ledge
  4. Wire mesh reinforcement
  5. Wolmanized 2x4 bottom plate
  1. 2x4 House construction studs 16" OC
  2. Jalousie or sliding window
  3. Siding of preference
  4. Finished corners
  5. 3" Steel service door (pre-hung)
  6. Dead bolt and entry locks
  7. Aluminum threshold
  8. Sectional overhead garage door, 7' high
    for vans (includes
    torsion spring)
  9. Sheathing of preference

  1. #235 Seal tab shingles, 15 lb. felt
  2. Exterior grade sheathing
  3. 6" solid eaves (maintenance free)
  4. 2x6 Cross ties
  5. Double 2x4 top plates
  6. Garage door header (2)-2x12
  7. 2x8 Ridge and hip rafters
  8. 2x6 Commons and jacks

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